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Unemployment Issue in Bangladesh

Unemployment Rate in Bangladesh
Credit: World Bank

Unemployment is a major issue in Bangladesh. A large number of people struggling to find jobs. According to the World Bank. The Unemployment Rate in Bangladesh was at approximately 5.097 percent. However, This figure is widely believed to be an Underestimate. As it only takes into account those who are actively seeking employment. Many people in Bangladesh work in the informal sector. Which is not included in official statistics.

Youth Unemployment is a particular concern. With a High number of young people Struggling to Find Work. The COVID-19 pandemic has also had a significant impact on employment in Bangladesh. Many businesses closing and workers losing their jobs. The Government has introduced a number of initiatives to address unemployment. Such as providing training and support for job seekers. As well as investing in Infrastructure and Promoting Economic Growth.


In conclusion, Youth Unemployment remains a pressing issue in Bangladesh. A significant number of young people struggling to Find Work. The lack of opportunities for young people can lead to Social Unrest and Economic Instability. Making it essential for the Government to prioritize Job creation and Youth empowerment initiatives.

By investing in Education and Training programs, Promoting Entrepreneurship, and Supporting Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises. Bangladesh can create more job opportunities for its Young Population. Which could help to improve Social and Economic outcomes for the Country as a whole.

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