Start Dropshipping Business is a Magic!

Ecommerce business growth is very impressive with a 14.2% increase over 2020 and a 50.5% increase over 2019. So, Starting Dropshipping Business is a good idea for you. Now, You may have a question about How can I Start Dropshipping Business in Bangladesh? Well, That is what you gonna learn from this blog post. I’ll guide you on exactly how you can earn from Dropshipping Business in Bangladesh.

First and foremost, Let me tell you about my real-life experiences and a live proof of my small case study project that I did to explore this thing and share the real-life example with people like you.

There are many eCommerce platforms that you can use to start your dropshipping business, but I’m using ShopUp Reseller to give you a complete guide and a real-life example. If you are not comfortable with that platform you can continue with other eCommerce platforms. But let’s learn the basics about how to start and grow this type of business online in Bangladesh.

How to Start Dropshipping Business?

To start, you have to choose an eCommerce platform. For you, I choose ShopUp Reseller, but you also choose DeshiGiant or other platforms as well. If you already selected a platform then Create an account on their website or App. As I selected ShopUp, Let me teach you how you can create your ShopUp Reseller account.

Step 1: Hit over to then Click on the User Icon on the top right corner and then click on the Sign In option, Or you can directly visit

Step 2: Type your phone number and click on CONTINUE then an OTP will be sent to that number, Now type that OTP and click on Submit.

Step 3: After you successfully confirmed your phone number by typing the correct OTP It will ask you for some more information. So now you have to type Your Name on the first field, type your Shop Name on the second field, type your Bkash Number on the third field, and select your Occupation and Gender after that click Next.

That’s all, Now your ShopUp account is ready and you are good to go with it!

How to Place an Order as A Dropshipper?

Hit over to your platform website for now it is and makes sure that you logged into your reseller account. Now you can search for a specific product or browse by categories or listing on that website. And when you found the right product click on it.

On the product details page, you will see a product image, you have to download that image from that platform. Also, you find the product Name/Title, product main price, discounted price, SKU, and much more information about that product.

As you can see in that image “Semi Modal Dress – Dm-1180 Pink” is the product name or title and SKU is “858035”. Please note down the SKU in a safe place this SKU ID will help you to find out that specific product faster. Also, you can see the different prices of that product. One of them is the main or highest selling price and another or lower one is discounted or wholesale price for you. Tk1,135 is the wholesale price for this product and Tk2,289 is the highest selling price of this product. That means you have to sell this product at price between 1,135 to 2,289. You will not be avail to sell this product for less than 1,135 or higher than 2,289.

Let’s come back to business numbers, If you sell this Tk1,135 product on Tk1,599. Your revenue will be 1599-1135 equals 464 Taka. If you could sell higher your revenue will be higher. That’s simple! You don’t need to buy that product and wait for customers to sell. That’s the magic of Dropshipping Business Online.

So Let’s back to the main point, how you can place an order on this platform as a Dropshipper? The answer is simple, Just click on the BUY NOW button type Your Sale Price (Per Item) to 1599 or higher, and then click on the Place Order button. Then you have to type customer information’s like Name, Address, and Phone Number. If this was an existing customer then you can select his/her address without typing them again. On the final page, Select Payment Option to CASH ON DELIVERY and click on the PAY ON DELIVERY button.

Your job is done for this order. Now ShopUp team will deliver this item to that customer and charge him/her the amount you set and after the product delivery was successful your commission will be sent to your Bkash account on weekly basis.

How Do I List Items?

There are many ways to list your dropshipping items to get orders from. As I said, I’ll guide you on exactly what you need to do to start and grow your dropshipping business in Bangladesh. So let me teach you about dropshipping product listings method. Here’s the list of them.

Create An eCommerce Website

Creating an eCommerce Website for dropshipping business is an easy way and It acts as a brand although it might now. Your website will also be a Top Trending eCommerce platform like DarazRokomari, or Othoba. But, you don’t need to invest a huge amount of money to buy a lot of goods. That’s the magic of dropshipping.

Building an eCommerce Website for this purpose is the best idea. Couse, It’s like professionals or as like a brand. So, you should start a website to grow your business online faster.

Are you looking for Best Web Design & Develper to Create an eCommerce Website for you? Then you can Contact With Us. We will build amazing website for your or your business.

Social Networking Sites

Social Networks Sites like FacebookTwitterYouTube, and others can a great tool to build your online business community to boost your organic sales and grow your business online or offline.

Create A Facebook Page

Facebook is growing with roughly 2.93 billion monthly active users as of the first quarter of 2022 and although It is the most used online social network worldwide for a long time. Also, there are 44.7 million Bangladeshi people using Facebook as of January 2022. So, Facebook Page will be another easy business growing way for this kind of business.

Creating a Facebook Page is Very Easy and Simple. So why are you waiting for? Create a FB Page now and start growing your business online from now. Also, If you need any help to create a professional-looking FB Page for your business or Brand? Leave a comment below, We will make a dedicated blog post on it.

Build A Facebook Group

Although FB Page is a great tool to give a boost to your online business. But, Facebook Group is also a most satisfying feature of Facebook. Although, Page is just for posting and sharing updates about your goods and services. But, I think Group is much better than that. Couse, by Group you can interact and engage with your audience to know what kind of goods they want and give them a community where they can discuss their needs and you will be avail to promote your goods in their discussions.

Conclusion Of Start Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping Business is an Interesting and Halal Way to Make Money Online with Almost Zero Investments. You can start your dropshipping business journey Today! Good Luck!

80 days around the world, we’ll find a pot of gold just sitting where the rainbow’s ending.

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