Taking an image, and freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is. We all know, how valuable a memorial image is to us. Every people has sweet childhood memories as in the image captured. But, a few years back, HD cameras or smartphones were so rare and costly. Memorial photos have the power to heal, to provide comfort!

People took photos with low-quality cameras. Some of them may be taken with a DRSR camera But, the image may lose the quality somehow. Now, you are willing to convert blur images to HD online for free. I’ll guide you on how to do that online at no cost.

Convert Blur Images to HD Online Free

I’m gonna share an image-converting AI tool online website. That website may also be free to use for you. Or it may also charge you to use their service online. It’s a third-party tool. So, we are not taking any liabilities on behalf of this online service. Please read these Replicate’s Terms of Service before using their website!

Step 1: GFPGAN from Replicate Website

GFPGAN from Replicate Website

First of all, you need to open this website link: https://replicate.com/tencentarc/gfpgan This is the practical face restoration algorithm system. The system AI will generate a new quality image for you. It’s ready for an amazing AI tool for image quality repair online.

Step 2: Sign in with your GitHub account

To use the GFPGAN AI image tool online, you may need to login in with a GitHub account. Click on the Sign in option on the site navigation or menubar. Then click on the Sign In With GitHub button. Follow the process and login with your GitHub login credentials. Without a GitHub account, you will not be allowed to upload images on that site.

Step 3: Upload your image

Upload your image

Drag and drop or click on the option to select an image file to upload! Once, your image is successfully uploaded to that site. It’s time to enter the scale by default it’s 2 but you can use 7 for best results. Now, just click on Submit button.


You just converted your old blur image to HD quality online for free!

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