Presently, Bangladesh is rapidly growing in the field of technology. The number of internet users in Bangladesh is also increasing desperately. However, internet speed is still an issue in our country. Slow internet speeds become frustrating, especially when we need to perform important tasks online. If you are facing similar problems. This post will be helpful to improve your internet speed in Bangladesh.

Improve Internet Speed in Bangladesh

Slow internet speeds in Bangladesh? Try optimizing your router settings, clearing your cache, and switching to a faster DNS server for a noticeable boost in speed! Don’t let slow internet hold you back! Consider upgrading to a better internet plan, using a wired connection instead of WiFi. And limiting the number of devices connected to your network for a smoother online experience.

1. Check Your Internet Speed

First of all, check your internet speed with Ookla Speed Test or You will understand that the problem is with the internet connection. Or if it is a problem with your computer or device. So you need to contact your ISP if needed. Some popular speed test websites are and Once you have identified the speed of your internet connection. Now You can move forward with the next steps.

2. Check Your Modem and Router

If your internet speed is lower than what you have paid for. It is possible that your modem or router is the issue. Make sure that your modem and router are placed in an open area and are not covered or hidden behind any object. Bring your device closer to your router.

So that you gonna get stronger your internet connection. Also, check that all cables are connected properly. So that there is no damage to the cables. If you suspect that the issue is on your modem or router. Then, Make a call to your Internet Service Provider and tell them to replace the cables that have any issues.

3. Choose the Right Internet Plan

The internet plan you choose can significantly impact your internet speed. Before choosing an internet plan, explore different options and consider your specific needs. However, a low-speed plan may serve, If you’re using the internet for introductory tasks like checking dispatch or browsing social media.

Still, if you stream videos or play online games, you’ll need an advanced speed plan. Keep in mind that the higher the speed of your internet plan. As a result, the more you’ll have to pay more.

4. Limit the Number of Devices Connected to Your Network

In case many devices are connected to your network, that can slow down your internet speed. Each device that’s connected to your network uses up bandwidth, which can affect your internet to slow down. Disconnect all useless devices. You can also set a limited number of devices that allow only a few devices to connect to your Router.

5. Update Your Router Firmware

Updating your router firmware can help to improve your internet speed. Firmware is software that runs on your Router. In fact, updates are released regularly to fix bugs and enhance performance. To update your router firmware, you’ll need to go to your router’s administration page. The process for updating firmware varies depending on the router you have. Refer to the manufacturer’s website or user manual for instructions.

6. Use a Wired Connection

Did you know, Using a wired connection rather than a wireless connection can help to improve your internet speed? Wireless connections are given to interference, which can invoke your internet to slow down. However, If you are a desktop computer or laptop user. Then use an Ethernet cable. This will give you a stable and faster internet connection.

7. Clear Your Browser Cache

While you are browsing the internet, your browser stores multiple caches like temporary files, cookies, and other data. This can break down your internet speed. Clearing your browser cache regularly can help to enhance your internet speed. To clear your browser cache, open browser settings and select the clear browsing data option. Make sure to select the option to clear the cache.

8. Use a VPN

Using a VPN can be helpful to enhance your internet speed. A VPN encrypts your internet connection and can help to reduce latency and packet loss. That can enhance your internet speed. Additionally, a VPN can help you bypass restrictions and access content that may be restricted in Bangladesh.

However, keep in mind that using a VPN can also invoke your internet speed to slow down. Especially, if you are connecting to a long-distance server like the USA or Russia.

9. Disable Background Apps and Downloads

Background apps and downloads can consume your internet bandwidth and cause your internet speed to slow down. Make sure to close any unnecessary apps and disable any automatic downloads. I hope this will free up your internet bandwidth to improve your internet speed.

10. Contact Your ISP

Still, it may be time to communicate with your ISP, If none of the above steps work. Your ISP may be suitable to identify any issues with your internet connection and help you resolve them. Then, share detailed information about that problem. Also, let them know that you have taken such steps as you’ve learned in How to Improve Your Internet Speed in Bangladesh.


Slow internet speed can be frustrating. But there are multiple steps to enhance it. If you follow the above steps. Significantly you will get ideas about How to improve your internet speed in Bangladesh. Flashback to check your internet speed, modernize your router firmware, limit the number of devices connected to your network, choose the right internet plan, and use a wired connection.

Additionally, clearing your browser cache, using a VPN, and disabling background apps and downloads can also help to improve your internet speed. However, communicate with your ISP for further assistance, If none of these ways works.

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